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Compression press  600 T
Compression press 600 T
Compression press  600 T (back view)
Compression press 600 T (back view)
Compression press 600 T (inside view)
Compression press 600 T (inside view)
Press 600 T 500x600
The 600 tons press is used for graphite composite polymer parts molding under high pressure.
Characteristics : 
- heating/cooling plates size 500 x 600 mm
- mobile lower plate (course 150 mm)
- clamping capacity 600 tons
- mechanical sturcture based on 2 frames (upper and lower) held together by 4 hard chrome plated precision shafs 
- the cylinder pushes the mobile plate via bronze bearings guided by the precision shafts 
- plates are electrically heated by resistance cartridges and cooled by circulating water 
- a composite insulator material is on the plates for thermal insulation 
- plates are cooled by circulating water 
- dual effect hydraulic actuator working at 600 bars  
- opening and closing speeds are adjustable via proportional distributors
- the high pressure is generated by an oil ampliier whose stroke gives a useful 8mm translation under high pressure 
- mobile upper plate equipped with an ejection actuator allowing the extraction of the molding plate at each cycle 
- fully closed press with a casing made of aluminium profiles and polycarbonate panels 
- front opening panel, for use of a material handling equipment for mould shift operations

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