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Rheoscam concept
Rheoscam concept
Rheoscam concept 2
Rheoscam concept 2

Modular micro extruder Rheoscam

Of modular design, this machine is specifically dedicated for small scale tests.

Characteristics :

-capacity range from 100 g to 1000 g per hour
-it may carry many kind of mixtures (powders, polymers or polymer-polymer)
-it may be laid on a laboratory bench
-thanks to its instrumentation and its control system, the datas can be stored and forwarded into Excel files
-its modular and compact design enables rapid dismantling and reassembly

Several types of extruders or internal mixers can be used with this equipment
-single screw from 10 to 20 mm
-modular co-rotative  twin screw micro extruder diameter 18 mm
-dual rods internal mixer 50 cc
-steels used for the body and the screw are defined to meet users requirements

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