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Multilayer film chill-roll line
Multilayer film chill-roll line
Extrusion (detail view)
Extrusion (detail view)
multilayer film chill-roll line ( side view)
multilayer film chill-roll line ( side view)

Laboratory extrusion line " multilayer film on chill roll"


This extrusion line is designed to achieve the development of  thermoplastic  multilayer,multimaterial films.
The material is extruded by 3 extruders separately, it is then took into the coextrusion container to produce a film or a sheet made with 3 to 5 layers of stacked materials, ABCBA, ABA or ABC, which is ithen calendered and rolled. 


- the output axis of the die head is in vertical position to allow a gravitational flow of the material on the lower roll
- linear air flow to flatten the film on the roll
- temperature of the roll controlled up to 160 °C
- film can be cut and rolled by a tangent winder

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